June 29, 2022

Do you know the names of Nigerian musicians that have private jet? Living “the jet life” is typical for wealthy entertainers all over the world. It is an indication that a celebrity has joined the rich and famous. How many stars in Nigeria take trips by private jets? Read on to find out! Image: pexels.com (edited by author) Source: UGC Little kids like to play with their toys, time goes by, and they become grown-ups, and their lives change. But a habit is second to nature; These grownups keep on playing with toys.

However, the prices of their new toys are what make the difference! The same happens to musicians, especially with male performers. They amuse themselves with luxury cars, beautiful private boats, and even fast jets! In this article, you will find out the names of Nigerian musicians who can boast of owning an aircrafts.it is high time you found out which Nigerian musicians with private jets in 202 Perhaps, it is high time you found out which Nigerian musicians prefer to pamper themselves with the private aircraft life. Study our top-5 list to know more!

1. Wizkid private jet


Among the Nigerian celebrities who use personal planes rather often is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, but he is more commonly named Wizkid. He is often called the Nigerian Justin Bieber. The singer can afford to buy a plane, but there is still no clear official answer from his team about Wizkid’s aircraft.


His full name is David Adedeji Adeleke. However, people recognise him by the stage name Davido. He is in the list of Africa’s wealthiest musicians. May 2018 was when the news about the alleged Davido plane started to go viral on the web. Many sources started to call the musician the youngest among private jet owners in Nigeria. The name of the birdie is a Bombardier Challenger 605. The private plane price is $27 million (N9,727,599,015). Furthermore, it requires constant servicing. This facility will cost from $700,000 (N252,197,011) to $4 million (N1,441,125,780) per year.



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