June 27, 2022

Kind Hausa Man Protects Yoruba Man's Land For His Son For Almost 30 Years, Now He's Going Back To Kano!!

Kind Hausa Man Protects Yoruba Man’s Land For His Son For Almost 30 Years, Now He’s Going Back To Kano!!

– An old man has shown the power of loyalty as he watched over his boss’ property many years after his death without collecting salary
– Decades after his boss’ demise, the old man is retiring and going back to his home, revealing his job is all done
– The property owner’s son said he does not know how to reward a man who showed them deep loyalty
A story that shatters the wall of ethnicity and tribe has played out and the hope it gives for a bright future is amazing.

A young Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @sarnchos on Tuesday, May 25, revealed how a Hausa man had been loyal for almost 30 years to his family.

In an early thread he made in 2019, he wrote about how the man who was over 90 at that time had been keeping his father’s property since his dad’s demise in 1992.

@sarnchos revealed that for most of those years, he never collected any salary but fed himself from the things he grows on the land.

The man who was moved by his action said he really does not know how to reward such a person who had unmatchable loyalty.

In 2021, the son quoted those tweets he made in 2019 and said the old man is set to return to his home in Kano state.

The baba as he is called told @sarnchos that his work is done as he has completed a good job in protecting the parcel of land.

See his tweets below:
Bioreports compiled some of the reactions below:
@LocaleMann suggested:

“Please, try and send some or at least, one of his children to school, as a memorabilia to Baba.”

@okbabalola said:

“Pls fly him home – is he ok to make the trip by road? I think it’s best you fly home with him to Kano and know his place.”

@kolawoleakinset said:

“Got goosebumps just reading this. Such agape love and care, is so rare, that one just gets a warm feeling inside, when you see it. May God reward him with good health, happiness, continued contentment and comfort, for the rest of his life. Thanks for ur show of appreciation too.”

@yumlat said:

“I nearly cry reading this, it got me so emotional, I value loyalty and I so much respect loyal people, may Allah be with baba always. Goodbye is the hardest word.”

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Source: Bioreports Nigeria