[JUST IN] What It Means When You See A Centipede At Home!

What It Means When You See A Centipede At Home! 

What It Means When You See A Centipede At Home! 

House centipedes are the most common species of centipedes in Northern California. Because they are nocturnal creatures, it’s harder to know when you have a house centipede infestation—or really if you have any centipedes in the house. While they don’t necessarily leave a trace, you may notice them moving on the ground or on the walls, as well as in drains, crevices, basements cracks, bathtubs, and the dark regions.


What is a centipede?

  • Centipedes are long, creepy-crawlies that belong to the arthropod group.
  • They have 15 pairs of legs and are longer than one inch.
  • They move quickly on the ground.
  • House centipedes survive in a high-humidity atmosphere.
  • They are predatory, meaning they eat living things rather than vegetation.
  • When not looking for food, centipedes are probably looking for a place to rest.

House Centipede Infestations

As we know house centipedes know how to hide, we want to show you what causes centipedes in the house. Then we will go into detail on how to get rid of house centipedes.

1. You Have A Different Pest Infestation

The biggest—and potentially the most dangerous—sign that you have house centipedes is the presence of other pests in your house. House centipedes feed on pests such as ants and spiders, so if you see one type of pest, you may have multiple infestations occurring at the same time. For this reason, it’s important to call the professional exterminators for pest control as soon as you notice one.

2. You See or Feel Them at Night

Since these nocturnal creatures are tiny, it is not easy to notice them. However, it’s possible to feel or see them walking on your body at night. While uncommon, you may also wake up with bite marks. The bite marks are two puncture marks, and it’s likely the skin would be red and swollen as the house centipede has venom in its bite. It’s important to note that house centipedes very rarely bite humans.

3. Small Holes During the Winter

When it is cold outdoors, we tend to get inside to warm ourselves—house centipedes are no different. If your house has holes in the floor or walls or around the building, there is a possibility that a house centipede could be hiding in them. While it’s more common for house centipedes to infest your home during the winter, it can happen at any time of the year.

How to Get Rid of House Centipedes

Now that you know what causes centipedes in the house, here are a few DIY tips to get rid of house centipedes.

Clean Your House Often

Pests, especially house centipedes, love messy areas in the house. You will most commonly find them in the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, cabinets, and pantries—anywhere that food crumbles may fall or mold can grow. By ensuring the trash is taken out often, surfaces are wiped down, and there is no clutter, you are deterring all pests.

Keep Your House Dry

House centipedes thrive in humid, damp, and moldy areas—this means house centipedes quickly die if they live in dry areas. By keeping your house dry, you will kill some of them and keep them away from your house. Try using dehumidifiers to keep your home dry.

Ensure Everything is Sealed Well

House centipedes find their way to your house through cracks in the walls or baseboards, as well as holes in window screens. To get rid of them, ensure you seal all the crevices and make sure your window screens are in perfect shape. Do away with the spaces around the windows and doors. Cover the ground floor fixtures with window screens. This will not only do away with house centipedes, but many other bugs as well.

Make Use of Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are a glue-based trap that captures bugs when they walk on it. While sticky traps are useful for the detection of all pests, they are extremely helpful for trapping house centipedes as their many legs won’t be able to lift off the layer of sticky glue. Put the traps in areas that are prone to house centipedes, such as the kitchen and bathroom. You can get sticky traps from your nearest store.

Kill Any Centipede You Come Across

While this is always a cringe-worthy feeling, killing any centipede you come across will ensure you don’t lose that specific one. The less you see in your home, the better—and there will be fewer centipedes to reproduce with. You can use a hard object to smack them or step on them with your shoe. Make sure to dispose of them either by flushing them down the toilet or rinsing down the drain.

DIY Insecticides

In case of a large house infestation, use store-bought insecticides.Some of the pesticides damage the nervous system that paralyzes it to death. Note that insecticides you’ll buy at the store may not work—professional pest control is always the best way to ensure complete elimination.

Call the Professionals for Pest Control

House centipedes can be annoying just like most pests. In case you notice many house centipedes in the house, it is a sign you have another underlying issue. This is the best time to get professional pest control in Northern California. Our exterminators are trained to eliminate the biggest and toughest infestations of house centipedes and all pests.

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