June 29, 2022

Reactions After Wizkid Posted Lai Mohammed’s Photo on Instagram!

Reactions After Wizkid Posted Lai Mohammed’s Photo on Instagram!

A lot of people have reacted on Instagram, after popular Nigerian artiste, Wizkid posted a photo of Lai Mohammed on his Instagram story. Wizkid posted the picture of Lai Mohammed on his story, without adding any caption to it.

This has caused mixed reactions online. It made a lot of people wonder what message he is trying to pass with the picture. They are wondering what might have triggered the Nigerian artiste to post that picture on his Instagram story, without saying a word, or letting people know the reason why he did that.

This is something that has never been done by Wizkid before, which makes the act very mysterious to his fans and followers.

Lai Mohammed is currently the Nigeria’s minister of information and culture. He is also a Nigerian lawyer and the former National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC). His picture was posted by Wizkid, without any caption and this has left a lot of people wondering the connection between the two people.

Normally, Wizkid does not add caption, when uploading his pictures on his social media page, which people already know about, but, they are amazed that he will also post the picture of a politician, without a caption, leaving his followers in the dark. This can be interpreted into so many things. It might have a meaning, which will be different from what his followers make off it.

People who are worried about what Wizkid did, on his Instagram story, have commented on it, after a popular Instagram blog posted about it. They are wondering what must have made the artiste upload the picture of the Nigeria’s minister of information and culture. Most especially, why he will choose to post it on June 12, which is the day Nigeria is celebrating democracy.

Look at their reactions below.

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