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[JUST IN] My Husband Travelled, and Sent a Handsome Man To Work In Our Home to Test my Faithfulness

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My Husband Travelled, and Sent a Handsome Man To Work In Our Home to Test my Faithfulness

My Husband Travelled, and Sent a Handsome Man To Work In Our Home to Test my Faithfulness

I got married to my loving husband after we met each other at the university. We got married while I was 24 and he was 26, and we lived happily together in Lagos. However, three years after our marriage we have not been able to have a child. We always went over to the hospital to run a check on what the problem was, the doctor concluded that there was no problem with me or my husband but we just had to keep on trying so we put everything into the hands of the lord and continued our lives.

A day came when my husband told me he would be traveling for a meeting at Abuja, and I told him he should go and work, and be safe. He then told me that he feels bad leaving me alone, but he would make it up to me when he returns, and I said okay. I prepared him for his journey, prayed for him, then he left. While at Abuja, he kept on calling me to check up on me and I was happy to always hear from him. Then suddenly he told me after calling me one night that a man will be coming over to our house to fix a new decoder and dish at our home.

The next day the man came, and what I saw really surprised me, the man was a very good-looking, and tall man with pink lips, and white teeth. The man came in and explained all he was to do, and I had to stay around while he worked. He came in and started working, but something surprising happened while he was working. We got into a discussion and the man started asking me some personal questions. I didn’t know if he used a spell on me, but I found myself answering every question he asked, and I was enjoying our discussion. He then asked why I was alone, and I told him that my husband had traveled, he told me that if my husband really loved me he should have taken me along with him.

I started to feel uncomfortable, and told him that I trust my husband. He went on to say that he is sure that my husband is actually with other women. I was confused, he said he was speaking from experience as a man, that no man can stay two weeks away from his wife without going out with other women. I then told him to change the topic. So he kept on talking and this man started cracking some jokes that made me laugh. He told me I was very beautiful and attractive. Honestly i was flattered by his statement. He told me he needed water, and I went in to get the water for him.

On my way back I didn’t find him where he was working, he came from behind and wrapped his arms around me. He told me that I deserved someone caring like him and not my husband. I almost fell for this temptation because of how good-looking and interesting he was, but my mind quickly snapped, and I pushed him off and ran out of the house.

I immediately called my husband and complained to my him about the man and my husband just laughed and told me was actually using the man to test how faithful I would be to him while he was away. I started crying on phone, because I was so dissapointed at my husband for doing this. I couldn’t believe he actually tested my faithfulness to him after 3 years of marriage.

When he returned he apologized for his actions and said he was moved to do it by some of his friends who claimed that women cheat. I forgave him, and he promised never to try such with me again.

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