June 29, 2022

JUST IN: Gunmen Attack Sunday Igboho Residence In Ibadan!!

JUST IN: Gunmen Attack Sunday Igboho Residence In Ibadan!!
Igboho Adeyemo Sunday avoided an ambush on his Soka mansion in Ibadan State by armed assailants in Yoruba.

The Igboho spokespersons Koiki Olayomi and Dapo Salami were reported to be known as Naija News.

His assistants found that at around 1. 30 a. m. the assailants stormed the house and tried to make it fire, but Igboho’ s vigilant security workers were resisting it.

The armed men and the activist groups’ guards swapped weapons. It was collected.

Koiki cautioned that the trouble waiting for the government may begin if the security agencies would not leave their leader alone.

He stated, ” Precisely at 1. 30 am came the gunman. They tried to go into the home but refused. The number of those who arrived, I can’ t confirm. They came and resisted. But they came.

We don’ t accuse anybody, but we know that many people have come here. They’ ve come and been repelled, that’ s all. ”

At a telephone call, Salami talked with Vanguard and stated, ” Yes, the hoodlums arrived in Chief Sunday Igboho’ s Soka home by 1: 30 a. m. , although our guys had resistance to the material. ”

When asked if Chief Igboho could receive the assailants, he responded ” No, ” stressing that Chief Igboho was secure.

” This morning, I didn’ t see him. But assailants couldn’ t get to him. He’ s presently in a secure location. ”

Speaking of Vanguard, a citizen ” questioned why the government tried to polish its problem and why the government need to pull anyone who protects its people while the government fails to do so.

” There are criminals that were daring enough to be able to assault certain individuals, this same government isn’ t following them. It seems like the administration intends to make the country trouble. ”

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