June 29, 2022

Don't Speak These 5 Languages On Campus, They Are Cult Slangs.

Don’t Speak These 5 Languages On Campus, They Are Cult Slangs.

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Cultism has been one leading problem nigerians are facing till date. during brutal cult wars, they are loss of innocent lifes and properties.

Cult Slangs are set up unique languages formed and used by cultist to communicate with each other secretely. people that are not in cult groups are not allowed to speak this Slangs.

90% of people in this cult groups are mostly university students that is why it is not advised to speak cult slangs on campus.

They are several types of cult groups but this two I will mention below is the most dangerous in nigeria:
1. The Aye Confrontanity:

this people are also called the yellow and black, they are very deadly and are overpopulated mostly on campus.

2. Barga:

this is one of the most crowded and dangerous cult group, they are also called the yellow and black

Top 5 cult Slangs and their meaning
1. Who goes; It means who is there.

2. Tablet; it means stop talking.

3. Maintain; it means stay one place.

4. Capless; it means stop speaking their Slangs.

5. Which Umbrella dey cover you; it means which cult group do you belong to.

Please stay away from these 10 cult Slangs on campus if you value your life.

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