[JUST IN] Dear Ladies, Please Stop Wearing These To Church!!!

Dear Ladies, Please Stop Wearing These To Church!!!

Dear Ladies, Please Stop Wearing These To Church!!!

It’s so bad how the church is becoming the place where some people choose to go to showcase their fashion sense instead of worshiping and praying to God.

So many girls have complained of being disciplined by the usher or the authority of the church for putting on indecent dress.

The church should not be a place where you put on dresses that are too revealing because nobody is coming to church with the motive of looking at how well you are dressed.

Note: You can choose to put on whatever you feel like if you are going to any other place except the church.

You can avoid any form of embarrassment from the ushers of the church if you don’t wear these type of dresses below.

Show Back Dresses

It’s not just right coming to the church with your back all opened, try and put on dresses that won’t reveal your back

Sleeveless Gowns

I don’t see any reason why any girl should put on such when going to the place of worship.

If you need to put that then make sure you are having your jacket on just like the image below

Short Skirt/Gown that won’t cover your Kneel when you sit

No, this is all shades of wrong. Some ladies will put this on and use a handkerchief to cover their knees when they sit.

Why do you have to go through that stress?

Please, always do what’s right.

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