[JUST IN] 12 Reasons Why You Should Never Marry Your First Love!!

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Marry Your First Love!!

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Marry Your First Love!!

Our first love defines what we think a relationship should be and what we think love should be. It introduces us to a whole new world of compassion and joy. But you shouldn’t be with that person forever. Why?

marrying our first love might sound like a good idea. You’ve become comfortable with this relationship and you think you should marry them.But actually there is so much reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Confused? Here are the real reasons why you should never marry your first love;

1. You’re Not Growing

Not having a change in the condition of our life means that we can get too comfortable with less change. This means you are missing out on self growth and elf explorations.

2. Your Definition Of Love Is Too Stiff

You only define love as you see it in your first love which means that you won’t be fully experiencing the many sides of love.

3. You’re Being Less Tolerant

You can only tolerate and love your first love when you marry him which is bad. This attitude can drive people away from your life.

4. You’ll Lose A Bit Of Your Self Identity

Losing your identity can come when you are stuck in the same things for too long that you start losing sight of who you are and what you are.

5. More Prone To Boredom

Being with someone for too long can make people bored and potentially break your relationship.

6. More Prone To Cheating

Because of the boredom that arise, you start showing the Signs He’s Thinking of Cheating On You which is never a good sign.

7. More Prone To Hurting Each Other

Boredom and having a stagnant life may actually lead you to be resentful and start to hurt each other.

8. Thinking That The Relationship Will Always Be There

When you feel too safe, you stop fighting for the relationship which is essential when you want a passionate relationship.

9. You’re Being Stuck In The Past

You’re too stuck in the version of love from the past, you stop being present.

10. You Are Less Experienced With Relationships

Only having one experience for a lifetime with your first love will make you less experienced in having a relationship.

11. You Are Scared Of A Different Kind Of Love

Because you are too comfortable, you start being scared of a different kind of love when in fact love is always changing.

12. Making You Scared Of Changes

You are scared on any types of changes because your relationship have always been stagnant.

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