June 29, 2022

Dokin Karfe - Dokin Karfe (FULL ALBUM) MP3 Download

Dokin Karfe – Dokin Karfe (FULL ALBUM) MP3 Download 

Download Full Album MP3 Dokin Karfe Dokin Karfe – Dokin Karfe blessed us with an extraordinary album to end up the year 2020,with this album free mp3 download tagged “Dokin Karfe” reveals his consistency in delivery and the “Dokin Karfe”Album” set him on a new dimension to which explicate this particular studio album as strictly Hausa Arewa Hip Hop.

After a successful release of his previous studio album “It’s Not Our Fault” he arrange a meeting with the Eardrum9ja Media Association / Digital Marketing Strategistand all his management (KoroVibes Media ) / promotional council.

The meeting was successful and immediately after the meeting “Dokin Karfe” revealed the track list of the album, contenting 13 songs all production credit’s goes to Revolution Studios Nigeria Limited and official album art designed by Timothy Paul.

Dokin Karfe album released on the 15th of November 2020 is a sole proprietorship album which has no featured exclusively “Dokin Karfe” to set out a pace on a new dimension.

Dokin Karfe - Dokin Karfe (FULL ALBUM) MP3 Download 


  1. Dokin Karfe Itro
  2. Dokin Karfe – Dokin Karfe
  3. Dokin Karfe – Mu Zuba
  4. Dokin Karfe – Fada Musu
  5. Dokin Karfe – Chigaba
  6. Dokin Karfe – Legend
  7. Dokin Karfe – Star (Daz How Star Do)
  8. Dokin Karfe – Bana Haka
  9. Dokin Karfe – Transformation
  10. Dokin Karfe – Story
  11. Dokin Karfe – Dankali
  12. Dokin Karfe – Weed
  13. Dokin Karfe – Hikima

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