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[BREAKING NEWS] Next Time You See Fulani Herdsmen, “Don’t Run”, Do These 3 Things For Them!

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Next Time You See Fulani Herdsmen, "Don't Run", Do These 3 Things For Them!

Next Time You See Fulani Herdsmen, “Don’t Run”, Do These 3 Things For Them!

Fulani herdsmen are one of the major tribe in Nigeria and Africa in big, their pastoral lifestyle makes them spread across the Sahel.

According to the genocide and terrorism that has taken over of part in Nigeria which makes people views herdsmen as a terrorist.
We must know that they are a lot of good Fulani that is living a better life, these people don’t deserve our hard tackling in any way.

Greet them:
The greeting is the proper way of showing respect and love to each other, greeting has the power that can lessen the evil somebody has for you. The greeting can give you freedom from captivity.

Don’t run:
These people are like you, they think and have blood in their vein too, running away for them will make them see have a clue of how you view them. They deserve love and happiness at all angle will meet them.

Let them feel comfortable with you:
Yes, you are not better than them, we all human, we are all Nigerian, let them feel comfortable around you, not all of them are killer. Not all of them are illiterate. We need to stop this stereotype believe in Nigeria to grow.

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