[BREAKING NEWS] Confusion As Pastor Reveals The Deadly Disease That Killed Nigeria’s Beloved Prophet T.B Joshua.

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Confusion As Pastor Reveals The Deadly Disease That Killed Nigeria's Beloved Prophet T.B Joshua.

Confusion As Pastor Reveals The Deadly Disease That Killed Nigeria’s Beloved Prophet T.B Joshua.

A South African pastor has called out the late Prophet TB Joshua for preaching a fake gospel. According to Jay Israel, who was born in Zimbabwe, TB Joshua had been unwell for two years. Contrary to the reports given by the family of the deceased, they revealed that he was holding an evening prayer session in his church before he decided to take a break where he went into one of the rooms which he often used to rest. However, his church members were forced to go in search of him after he allegedly took more time than he often took. Shockingly, the deceased was found dead in his room under unclear circumstances that forced them to alert his family so that they could get closure on what might have happened.

In what might be considered as a revelation to what Murdered the late pastor, a pastor from South Africa has finally opened up about the ongoing debate where a lot of his followers have taken to their different social media accounts wanting to know what killed him. Reports received from the South African pastor have revealed that the late T. B Joshua was suffering from a chronic illness. He went ahead and claimed that the deceased didn’t want to disclose this to a lot of his followers even though he was receiving treatment in a private hospital.

As stated by the South African pastor, he said that the deceased never wanted to disclose this to his church members because he had an alleged source of Healing water that he would often give to his followers that allegedly healed most diseases, and with him being ill, he didn’t want to tell them because they would have doubted the healing power of that water.

Check below the preachers long post(Screenshot) on Facebook about TB Joshua’s death,


A credible source, Mpasho shared the news on their Facebook page as they reported as shown below,

Netizens reacted on their comment section and below is what some of them said,

@Methildeh, “I have been following this man when he talk about God I think he was one of God servant but hire on asking why TB Josua didn’t save himself from death he sound so stupid and I regret my time I have spent on watching his vedeos”
@Oyando, “Disappointing that a grown man can think so primitively like seriously who can’t die”
@Elizabeth, “Jesus Christ didn’t save himself, STEFANO, who was stoned to death paulo, peter , Musa, Elijah but leats give them time to talk all world is talking about 1 prophet tbjoshua truly he is great, remember Jesus Christ all world went against Jesus she was killed, our lovely father is great man of God we pray for you PST God to forgive you all in millions Emmanuel!!!!!”
@Mariah, “jay israel I hope you will live forever. because you will safe yourself from death…I couldn’t expect you as a pastor to say so.”
@Luisa, “What about him, can he save himself when death comes knocking on his doorstep?”
@Emmah, “And who are you to judge?if God says its time to go…its time to go…no amount of power or holy water can save you. Even jesus had the power to save himself but the will of God remains the will of God. So shut the f#ck up and lets all wait for judgement day..God will be the judge and the jury!!”
@Nancy, “Never judge what u have not physically seen coz even Jesus christ died.”
@Shiraviro, “All men of God should let thier followers know, they’re just human beings like any other person, and people should stop worshipping their pastors and calling them prophets, up to now, some people doesn’t Believe TB joshua is dead.becouse they believed anyone can die, but not TB Joshua”
@Olisa, “Only God knows everybody so don’t judge people you big nosa👃👃”
@Joyce, “Calm ur horses he might raise himself from the dead, oh wait he can’t so lets just thank God for his life”

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